About Us.

A Wealth of Knowledge, Management and Resources

Based in the New York City metro area, OffHook Consulting, Inc. was founded by Brian Delidow. OffHook's mission is to provide its clients with the tools, information, and analysis needed to make better business decisions and build an effective corporate strategy that optimizes people, processes, and technologies.

Prior to OffHook, Mr. Delidow held various management positions working within the telecommunications industry. Most notably, he was an executive at the telecom research and consulting firm INDETEC International and at Bell Communications Research (Bellcore/Telcordia).

Throughout his career, Mr. Delidow has been involved in efforts that are strategic in nature. Whether focused on regulatory strategy, market strategy, product development or profitability analyses, his efforts have provided insight into the strategic direction for clients around the world.

Our Affiliates

OffHook Consulting has the customer focused project managers and quality systems in place to deliver efficiently run projects that succeed and deliver results. Assisting in the wealth of services and the depth of expertise we provide, OffHook is also proud to be affiliated with the following firms.

CostQuest Associates more

CostQuest's strength lies in its ability to understand complex business issues, systems, networks, and policies and then provide a solution that focuses on the bottom line. This is demonstrated by the fact that CostQuest has been involved in the design and development of some of the world's leading network costing and business analysis tools.

Parsons Applied Economics more

Parsons Applied Economics provides training, testimony, and consulting on business and regulatory issues. Adding these complementary skills to OffHook's services provides our clients with a complete line of economic costing services that support competitive business decisions and regulatory matters.

The Enterprise Group more

The Enterprise Group provides consulting services for performance management, decision support, business planning, and marketing support.

KDD Analytics more

KDD Analytics service offerings are tailored to meet the informational and marketing needs of all organizations, whether they are businesses or non-profits. Services span the spectrum from answering "who" are my current customers (whether they are buyers, supporters or members) to addressing "who else" might be interested in what my organization has to offer. Experts in primary market research, quantitative and statistical analysis and data modeling.