How We Help.

Mining Useful Info from Mountains of Data

You can have terabytes upon terabytes of data coming from all levels of your company, but without the proper analysis and understanding, it's all just...bits and bytes.

OffHook provides the clarity you need to focus on your future. We do that by considering all "the little bottom lines" throughout your organization that contribute to your company's overall health. Your business isn't one dimensional—neither should your business decision support.

Because we understand that each client is unique, the information and analysis we provide is never "off the shelf." OffHook's services are customized to you and performed at a multi-granular level (e.g., products, customers, markets) to allow for better decision making. Our recommendations are then provided as actionable information you can use to shape your company as it grows.

Examples of How OffHook Can Benefit Your Company

  • Prepare pricing strategy and develop prices for products and services.
  • Development of profitability system to support profitability profiles for products, customer segments, lines of business & geographic areas.
  • Identify "gold" customers that contribute the most to the bottom line by preparing cost, demand and profit profiles for customer segments.
  • Individual Customer Bids (techniques specializing in the development of costs/prices for large customers)
  • Associate profitability profiles with predictive modeling analyses to identify potential customers with similar profiles, focus marketing costs, improve marketing ROI and your company's bottom line.
  • Link sales and marketing approach/strategy to profitability profiles and bring focus to which products, customer segments (or specific customers) and markets are contributing the most to the bottom line.